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UNIQUE Double Ticket Roll Ruffle Ticket 500


Double Ticket Roll Ruffle Ticket 500


Red Raffle Ticket Roll. 500 Double Tickets for a festival, event, or any occasion!

  • Roll – 5cm high x 8.6cm in diameter
  • Tickets are perforated on the roll for easy tearing
  • Individually numbered on both tickets
  • Designed so a double ticket is to be issued to each person
  • 500 double tickets – one ticket is marked “Ticket” for dropping into a raffle box and the other is marked “Keep This Coupon” for the guests to keep

A great addition to a Circus, Carnival, or Trains themed party, issue these red tickets out to guests as ‘entry’ to your event or have the kids put them into a box for a raffle draw or contest to win a prize!

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