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ARTWRAP Twist Party Popper Money Confetti 30cm


Twist Party Popper Money Confetti 30cm


Money Confetti Twist Popper.

Cannon tube measures 30cm and contains paper confetti pieces shaped like mini $50 and $100 notes and pieces of streamer confetti.

Each money confetti piece measures approximately 6cm long x 2.7cm wide and is printed on both sides.

Money confetti is imitation money for novelty party use – not legal tender.

Popper works on compressed air and shoots approximately 4 metres – aim away from people in a clear space.

Follow safety directions on tube.

Item cannot be sent via Express Post due to containing pressurized air.

It will be raining money with this fun confetti popper! A fun way to add some theatre to your party celebrations, twist this tube while pointing it into the air to release a shower of mini $50 and $100 notes! Perfect for an 18th or 21st birthday party, Gangster Party, Casino party, Graduation or to celebrate a big win on the lotto!

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