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ARTWRAP Sparkler Straight 24cm Pack of 20


Sparkler Straight 24cm Pack of 20


Sparkler Straight 24cm


  • Extra precautions to be taken when using this product.
  • NOT SUITABLE for children under 8 years old. Use only under close adult supervision.
  • Hold and light only ONE sparkler at a time. Hold out horizontally well away from body, clothing and other people. Don’t run with, throw or hand a lit sparkler to someone else. Wear closed toe shoes to prevent foot burns. DO NOT grab or hold the burnt section of a sparkler.
  • Dispose of burnt sparklers in a bucket of water.
  • Not suitable for use on cakes or any food items.
  • Store sparklers in a cool place away from children and naked flames.
  • If product is bent or cracked, do not use as it increases risk of flammable pieces falling from wire frame.
  • Retain packaging for future reference.


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