PARTY MAKER Circle Balloon Stand Holder Kit 1.7m


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Circle Balloon Stand Holder Kit 1.7m


Circle Balloon Stand measures 1.7 metres tall and hoop is 78cm diameter.

This round balloon stand is perfect for creating a stand-out decorative feature at your next birthday party, wedding or baby shower.

To use: assemble the base and pole structure together, then connect hoop to the pole. Finish with balloons all over the base and hoop to create a colourful balloon party feature!

Add artificial leaves, letter balloons or cardboard cutouts for extra wow-factor!

Please note, stand will only support limited balloons and lightweight decorations. For additional support place near wall and use strong tape at joins.

Kit requires assembly and includes:
1 x base (measures 20.5cm in diameter x 3cm in height, fill with sand or water for support).
3 x connectable plastic post tubes.
4 x connectable plastic hoop tubes (hoop measures 78cm diameter when assembled).
2 x plastic connectors.
Balloons are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included.

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