PARTY MAKER Balloon Tree Stand Kit Plastic White 57 Hole


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Balloon Tree Stand Kit Plastic White 57 Holes


Put together fun, eye-catching balloon features with our Plastic Balloon Tree Stand!

Stand is made of plastic. Measures 1.8m x 64cm when assembled. Basic assembly required.

Has 57 holes that will hold 2-3 balloon sticks each (exact capacity of stand will depend on how large each balloon is blown up).

This plastic balloon stand is perfect for creating decorative balloon features to place in front of your party entrance at your birthday, wedding or corporate event – simply tie inflated balloons to plastic balloon sticks and insert them into holes in the stand to create Christmas Trees, Traffic Lights, Lollipops and other fantastic balloon shapes that will impress all your party guests!

Balloons and balloon sticks are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included.

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