Honey Glass Jar Black Lid Small 100ml


Honey Glass Jar.

Glass jars measure 8cm tall x 4cm wide and hold 100ml.

Jars feature airtight lids.

Keep your food sealed and fresh with these modern silver lidded glass preserving jars. A practical addition to your kitchen these handy jars can be used in a number of great ways:

– Store small jams, preserves and chutneys in your cupboard or fridge

– Organise honey, herbs & spices in your pantry

– Preserve and pickle mini jars of foods to give out as gifts to friends and family

– Make shaker jar dressings for your salads to help with your weekly meal prep

– Create mini lolly jars as thank-you gifts for party guests

and many other household uses!

Quantity: 1pcs

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