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OUR CREATIONS Candle Sand Powder White Granulated Wax 1kg


Candle Sand Powder White Granulated Wax 1kg


Powder candle wax where there is no need to melt the wax first. Just add a wick to your jars and fill them with wax. For unscented candles, pour the white candle sand powder into a jar “as is” and light your wick. Candle sand burns in any container that is heat resistant. The wax is simply put into a container and is possible to give any color desired.

The wax is designed to melt itself as the wick burns.

For adding fragrance/color we recommend a mica powder or liquid dye, just shake the wax in a jar and let it mix well before pouring it into your jars.

We recommend starting with 3-5% dyes and fragrances and gradually adjusting this according to personal preference to a maximum of 8%.

As with all new waxes, test in small batches first to get your technique/ratio right.


Weight: 1 kg

Colour: White

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