DECROTEX Clear Bobo Balloon 8-36inch Pack of 5


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Clear Bobo Balloon 8-36inch Pack of 5


These crystal clear plastic bobo balloons make an amazing impact!  You can fill them with confetti or confetti balls, feathers or latex balloons – the options are endless!  Wrap them with our LED light strings or add them to your organic balloon décor.


Stretch the seams of the balloon before inflating.  Fill with helium or air.

A great product for Valentine’s Day.

Helium Balloons Order Checklist
Attention: We do not post helium inflated balloons.
1: Choose the balloon you would like and select the helium option, plus any other extras.
2: Add the balloon weight if you would like something to hold down the balloon. Link: __
3: Add Hi-float gel if you like your latex balloons last more than 1 day up to 5 days maxium depending the weather conditions. Link:__
4: At checkout, please put leave an order note with the colour of the balloon string, ribbon and weight (whichever applicable), choose which store would you like to pick up as well as the date & time for pick up.
*Balloons Arrangements are for local pick up only. We deliver balloons which meet the minimum order of $100 value of inflated balloons. Please contact us for delivery charges.

Balloon weight

Balloon weight


BALLOON GEL for each 30cm helium-filled latex balloon


8inch, 12inch, 18inch, 24inch, 36inch

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