SPICE CATERING Foil Roaster Tray Pack of 10


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Foil Roaster Tray Pack of 10


Pack of 10 Foil Roasters Tray.

Aluminium foil trays measure 32cm in length x 26.8cm in width x 5.8cm in depth.

These handy red foil roasting trays are ideal for a number of uses including:

Christmas – cater hot foods, buffet style, with these festive red trays on the Christmas Day table.

At Home – roast beef, chicken and potatoes in the trays in your weber or oven.

Parties and Barbecues – pack cakes, meat and salads up for tomorrow leftovers.

Fish & Chip Shops – serve family size schnitzel and yiros packs.

Restaurants and Catering – safely store leftover food.

Foil trays are oven and freezer safe.

Make meal prepping easy and cook up a batch of spaghetti bolognese or whip up a lasagne and keep your food fresh in the fridge or store in the freezer for a handy quick midweek meal.

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