Our Creations Cake Mousse Base 100pcs Gold Black Silver


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Cake Mousse Base



A. Gold Large Triangle118x78mm

B. Gold Small triangle 115x64mm

C. Gold Rectangular 100x60mm

D. Gold Large Square 90x84mm

E. Gold Small Square 72x70mm

F. Silver Round 90mm

G. Silver Round 80mm

H. Black Round 90mm

I. Black Round 80mm

J. Black Triangle 118x78mm

K. Black Small Square 72x70mm

L. Gold Round 90m


These bases are made of cardboard. They are perfect for use as cake, and more!

Please allow up to 5mm error due to hand-measurement. Boxes only, accessories not included!



A. Gold Large Triangle118x78mm, B. Gold Small triangle 115x64mm, C. Gold Rectangular 100x60mm, D. Gold Large Square 90x84mm, E. Gold Small Square 72x70mm, F. Silver Round 90mm, G. Silver Round 80mm, H. Black Round 90mm, I. Black Round 80mm, J. Black Triangle 118x78mm, K. Black Small Square 72x70mm, L. Gold Round 90m

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