Our Creations Balloon & Party Hire Policy

Please take your own responsibility to fully read and understand the policy

Cancellation Policy.

  • Cancellation of your hire order up to 24 hours beforethe scheduled hire day will incur a 20% Cancellation Fee.
  • Cancellation of your order within 24 hoursof the hire day will incur a 50% Cancellation Fee.


If due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to hold your event you may postpone your order for up to 6 months without penalty. Cancellation during this period will incur a 50% Cancellation Fee. After 6 months 50% Cancellation Fee applies to any refund.

Our Creations reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without notice.

  1. Bond
  2. A) Bond refund will be issued by Cash or bank transfer when all the hire products returned in original/reasonable condition. Bond only refund to whoever place order, ID need to be checkedand signature will be required for all refunds.
  3. B) Part or full bond will be heldif there is/are any damages of products
  4. Use of Equipment

All Equipment supplied on hire need to be in good condition and:

  1. A) Returned to within HIRE TIME FRAME during trading hours and
  2. B) A extension of hirewill need contact us to confirm the availability. 10%of total hiring cost per day will be charged and deducted from bond.
  3. C) Late return penalty: 50%of total hiring cost per day will be deducted from bond. Special circumstance please contact store to waive the penalty and charged as extension.
  4. Delivery from278 Settlement Road, Thomastown, VIC 3074
  5. A) Delivery cost for one way: $20 under 5kmfrom the store, plus $2 per km which over 5km. (only for ground floor only), $40 surchargefor upper levels or lower ground levels if need an extra staff to lift the props.
  6. B) Dockland & City delivery fee: $85 one way.
  7. C) After hour surcharge: after 7pm $50 per way.
  8. Installation
  9. A) Minimum Setup fee $55per hour will be charged, we can offer free setupif you order hiring products and balloons with us.
  10. B) Our Company will not provide any drilling or sticky tape or double side tape at premise. you will need take your own responsibility to make sure the installation site will safe and strong enough to hold the balloons. (for example: rough walls will not be good idea for sticking the balloons on.)
  11. Misuse, Losses and Damages
  12. A) Customer is liable for any loss or damages arising out of the overloading, exceeding rated capacity, misuse, or abuse of the Equipment by the Customer and the Customer agrees to keep the Company indemnified in respect thereof.
  13. B) If the Equipment is lost, the Customer must pay the full amount for the products or equipment.
  14. C) If the Equipment is damaged, the Customer must pay for all repairs or the full amount for the products.
  15. D) If no notice is given to the Company of a lost item it shall be deemed as extended hire until such item is returned, and hire fees with continue until notice is given or the Equipment is found.
  16. E) Any damage to the Equipment caused by fusion or malfunction of electrical equipment is the Customer’s liability and the Customer must take adequate precautions. The Customer will be charged for any repairs required to the damaged equipment.
  17. Cleaning

The Equipment must be returned properly cleaned by the Customer. It is agreed that the whole or any part of the cost incurred by the Company arising out of the failure by the Customer to clean the Equipment will incur a charge to the Customer.

  1. Payment Terms

Full payments are strictly paid at least 1 week before the hire date, or else, the order will treat as cancelled. Cancellation fee will apply

  1. Site Approval

The Customer shall be responsible for the site. Include any site approval, safety, or any other issues. In the event that the Company incurs or suffers any loss, costs or damages as a consequence of the Customer’s failure to carry out its obligations under these terms, the Customer shall be solely responsible and shall indemnify the Company for any such loss, costs or damages.

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